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Series on the ”King in the Field”

TISHREI Series on the ”King in the Field”; Tishrei Yom Tov (Holiday) SeriesA wonderful series on the Yomim Tovim (holidays) in the month of Tishrei. This series explains how Tishrei fits into the Jewish calendar. It includes material on the build-up to Tishrei, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and carries through to the joyous conclusion of...

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Tishrei by the Rebbe

Tishrei by the RebbeThis is a new series describing my recollections with the Rebbe during Tishrei. Please note that these are only my recollections, and no one else. There can certainly be (and there likely are) errors in this account.

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Chassidus and the Yamim Noraim

Chassidus and the Yamim NoraimThe season of Yom Tov comes on the heel of Chai Elul; this talk at ChaBaD of Brooklyn Heights draws these two things together.