3 Classes

02. Suka SheChamasa Miruba MiTzilasa 5714

02. Suka SheChamasa Miruba MiTzilasa 5714Yiddishkeit is usually about light, why is there a Mitzvah linked (emphatically) to blocking the light?Answer: blocking visible light (גילויים) reveals the essence (מקיף דאור חוזר).After the Avoda of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur we are ready to have this light (and to have it) revealed.

3 Classes

03. Ulkachtem 5716 (1st of 2 in a Hemshech)

03. Ulkachtem 5716 (1st of 2 in a Hemshech)Lulav brings down Da’as Elyon into the world beyond the Da’as Elyon of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.This is demonstrated on each of the four kinds, Esrog (Bittul) Lulav (One heart, Mesiras Nefesh), Hadas (also Mesiras Nefesh) and Arava (above Ta’am- Sechel, and Raiach- Chaya; it is...

04. Halelu Es Hashem Kol Goyim 5731 (Muga)

Halelu Es Hashem Kol Goyim 5731PDF Halelu Es Hashem Kol Goyim 5731Class One. Halelu Es Hashem Kol Goyim 5731Class Two. Halelu Es Hashem Kol Goyim 5731Class Three.

2 Classes

03. Ulkachtem Luchem 5734 (1st of Hemshach of 3).

03. Ulkachtem Luchem 5734 (1st of Hemshach of 3).This ma’amar was said days into the Yom Kippur war, which you can feel in the Ma’amar.What the Rebbe does here, is use Torah to argue (in affect) that [the Mitzvos of] Sukkos doesn’t start on the 15th of Tishrei, but right after Yom Kippur.And as such,...

2 Classes

04. BaSukos Tashvu 5734 (2nd of Hemshech of 3)

04. BaSukos Tashvu 5734 (1st of Hemshech of 2)

2 Classes

05. Chag Hasukkos 5734 (3rd of Hemshech of 3).

05. Chag Hasukkos 5734 (3rd of Hemshech of 3).The Sukka (during Sukkos) has קדושת הגוף of a Korban because it is a physical Mitzvah celebrated physically (eating and drinking).The Lulav must also be the same because: A. the Joy of Sukkos is connected to the Daled Minim, B. it internalizes the indirect light of Sukka.

3 Classes

04. Ulkachtem Lachem Bayom Harishon 5735

04. Ulkachtem Lachem Bayom Harishon 5735This (Erev) Sukkos Ma’amar deals with the idea that after Yom Kippur’s Teshuva we are holding by Kesser, which is alternatively called Rishon (as the Ma’amar explains) and it gets tied into the four Minim and specifically the Esrog, which is connected to the highest kind of Achdus.

2 Classes

03. BaSukos Tashvu 5736

03. BaSukos Tashvu 5736This Ma’amar explores various ideas that all revolve around one basid idea.Sitting in the Sukkah in Chassidus means bringing the Makif into Pnimiyus.It creates Peace, through Da’as.Kol HaEzroch… what will happen alter (after Moshiach comes) affe3cts now also.Lima’an Yadu Dorosaichem internalizing through Da’as.The LulavThe 70 cows Bringing the Makif all the way...

04. Basukos Tashvu 5738 (Muga)

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Class One.This Ma’amar was edited by the Rebbe at the time he said it in 5738, and was made public on Hoshana Rabba 5738, hours before the infamous heart attack he suffered then. This first class has three areas of questions:1) Understanding the Sukka2) Understanding the ד’ מינים the four kinds used...

03. Ulkachtem 5739 (Muga)

Ulkachtem Lachem 5739 [Introduction: there are two sides to the purpose of creation: 1) Narrow, it is about Yidden and everything and everybody else serves this goal 2) Broad, the purpose is the world as a whole, and as such everything and everybody serve Hashem directly.] Tishrei has two dimensions A בכסא B ליום חגינו[...

בסוכות תשבו ה'תש"ם.

This class discusses אמונה which is מקיף and how we affect התישבות in this מקיף as the פסוק says בסוכות תשבו.

בסוכות תשבו ה'תשמ"א.

Class One. Korbanos and Ketores both involve fire (light) and shade (darkness that is above light). But in Korbanos it is about the fire and the (visible heat and) light; and in Ketores it is about the shade and darkness. Korbanos: 1) bring close, 2) are a service of the mind, 3) reach -only- the...

בסוכות תשבו ה'תשמ"ב.

Class One. This part of the Ma’amar deals with the meaning of בסוכות תשבו שבעת ימים. Taking something that is in and of itself temporary and making it permanent. It is true of סוכה and of all Mitzvos. It is -really- the prescription for דירה בתחתונים. Class Two. In this class the discussion is about...

וחג האסיף התשמ"ג

The system of unity (as explained here) is three steps: 1) division, 2) unification, 3) Oneness (where no parts exist at all, as all the parts are part of one complex purpose). In this מאמר this idea plays itself out in four things: 1) The harvest, 2) The Sukka, 3) The Four Minim Lulav etc,...

Ulkachtem Lachem 5744.

Sukkos is all about Achdus in various aspects: 1) The Four Minim are all naturally inclined towards divisiveness, but they are never the less unified; they become the basis for the Achdus of Lulav: joining together for the Mitzvah of Daled Minim. 2) The Sukka itself unifies (in theory) all the Jews in the world....

BaSukos Tashvu 5745.

This short Ma’amar explains Sukkos through the Possuk Basukos Tashvu… Kol HaEzrach… Yeshvu… 1) The Sukka gives us an Ohr Makif, 2) We sit and settle the Ohr Makif to be Pnimi, 3) We have Da’as which brings to Achdus, as represented by the Sukka and the four minim, 4) This reveals the highest level...

Yehi Hashem Elokeinu Imanu 5747.

On Sukkos the Achdus of Sukka (simple) raises us up and the unity of the four kinds (complicated) creates a deeper unity still. All this is rooted in humility. This allows us to be worthy of very great blessings – “Like our Fathers”.