A Hakhail Ma'amar.

Moshe gathers the Jews and speaks first of Shabbos and then of the Mishkan; which is the opposite of how Hashem inspired him, where Shabbos was last. The Rebbe explains that these Pesukim are describing Hakhail; where the first step is Shabbos: Bittul followed by bringing Hashem into each aspect of life: The Bais HaMikdash.

Hakhail 5776/ 2016

The ritual and the spirit behind it and what the Rebbe wanted.

Farbrengen 5776.

Hakhail year. Part one. Introduction, story lesson and blessings. Part Two. Hakhail, a creation of the Rebbe straight from the times of the Bais HaMikdash. children Yiras Hashem, like Har Sinai. An entire year. Part Three. Sukkos provides the basis for two big ideas that we need always: joy and Unity. Joy and especially (the...

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Toras Menachem - Hakhel/Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5713

Toras Menachem Vol 7 pp 62-67; 74-80