24 TEVES classes

24 TEVES. The Alter Rebbe's Yahrtzeit. The Alter Rebbe passed away after escaping and affecting the defeat of the Napoleonic army and what it represented.

Category Title Description
24 Teves
The Alter RebbeThe Alter Rebbe. click here for all the classes on his life.
24 Teves Complete SichosLikutei Sichos vol. 26 page 26 ff. Click here for related material. The RaMabaM, Alter Rebbe and Parshas VaAira.
Chof Daled (24) Teves - The Alter Rebbe's SiddurAn introduction to the Alter Rebbe's siddur. Note: 24 Teves is the Alter Rebbe's Yahrzeit.


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