20 TEVES classes

20 TEVES. The Rambam's Yahrtzeit.

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Rambam 20 Teves YahrtzeitRAMBAM, 20 TEVES, His Yahrtzeit. In this folder there may be repetition between classes. They were done in different years and it is impossible to be careful about repetition, we're Sorry but we're trust you'll understand.
Complete Sichos, 20 Teves, The RambamThe "great" Hadran from 5735/1975. Click here for all related material. Yedias Hasehm etc. Hadran 5746. Likutei sichos Vol. 27 page 251 ff. Click here to listen or to download. Faith Knowledge faith. Likutei Sichos vol. 26 page 26 ff. Click here for related material. The RaMabaM, Alter Rebbe and Parshas VaAira.

In honor of Chof Teves

An eight part series overviewing much of the Rebbe's commentary on Moshiach according to the RaMbaM. Click here to read more.

The question of philosophy and Kabbalah (as it relates to RaMBaM) was resolved over the years. In Kabbalah but especially in Chassidus the unity between RaMBaM and Chassidus becomes wholesome. In our generation the Rebbe has formed an absolute synthesis between the two systems making them absolutely one.

A talk on how 'regular' and available the RaMbaM was, but above all else, his dedication to others.

A two part class on the Rambam's humility and wisdom based on how he dealt with his critics. Part One. Part Two.

A surprise farbrengen.

1) Pirush HaMishna. 2) Sefer HaMitzvos. 3) Mishna Torah. 4) Iggeres Taiman. 5) Iggeres HaShmad. 6) Iggeres Techiyas HaMaisim. 7) More' Nevuchim.

Why have the Jewish people survived in exile? One reason is the existence of great Jewish leaders where and when they are needed. The Rambam in his time was a great gift from Hashem. This class discusses the Rambam’s life and related points.

The 30th siyum HaRambam, introduction, end then beginning of the Rambam.

This particular Siyum Harambam occured on Chof (20) Av


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