Teves classes

Category Title Description
TevesTEVES The month of TEVES, the fourth of the winter months is discribed in the Gemara as "the month where the body benefits from the body". This idea is explained as the connection between the physical and the creator Himself.
5 Teves5 [CHAMISHA] TEVES. This is the day the Rebbe himself dedicated as the date of the victory of the sforim. When one analyzes it's message it becomes very current and relevant.
10 TevesTen [Asara] TEVES. This is the first in the sequence of four fasts associated with the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash. As such it is in certain aspects the most severe.
20 Teves20 TEVES. The Rambam's Yahrtzeit.
21 Teves21 Teves Birthday of Rebbetzin Shaina the younger daughter of the Previous Rebbe and sister of the Rebbetzin.
24 Teves24 TEVES. The Alter Rebbe's Yahrtzeit. The Alter Rebbe passed away after escaping and affecting the defeat of the Napoleonic army and what it represented.
28 Teves, Rebbetzin Chana's Birthday28 Teves, Rebbetzin Chana's birthday.


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