The story of Mesiras Nefesh in Soviet Russia.

13 Tamuz.

Continuation of story.

A Talk/Farbrengen (5771).

Given to Neshei Chabad in Melbourne Australia. The story of Mesiras Nefesh. It wasn’t a joke then and its message is very serious right now.

The Letter. (5773/ 2013).

Dated 15 Sivan 5688 (1928) in anticipation of the first celebration of 12 Tamuz, when he was release from prison and exile one year earlier

12 Tamuz 5777/ 2017

A thought on 12 Tamuz and Mesiras Nefesh.

13 Tamuz 5777/ 2017

Why did the Previous Rebbe leave Russia, he clearly wouldn’t leave out of fear? 1) Chassidim made him. 2) It became clear to him that his presence hindered the work at that point. 3) He’d completed what it was that as a Rebbe needed to accomplish.

12 Tamuz 5780 93 years

12 Tamuz 5780 93 yearsRecalling a note of the Rebbe’s from 5751 (13 Elul) 93 Vessels plus the Kohain is 94, what is means to us 93 years since the first 1 Tamuz (short thought). Farbrengen 13 Tamuz 5780 93 yearsWe are all in the Zchus of Tzadikim.Longer version of the idea of 93 vessels...

3 Classes

Farbrengen Yud Beis Tamuz 5781 (Beis Shmuel)

Farbrengen Yud Beis Tamuz 5781 (Beis Shmuel)What can we learn from Mesiras Nefesh in Russia?

12th of Tammuz

The birthday of the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe.

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Toras Menachem - 13 Tammuz 5715 to Merkaz Shluchim

Toras Menachem Vol 14 pp 215-217