A series from 5769.

1. SIVAN is Coming. Achdus sets the stage. 2. Rosh Chodesh SIVAN. Moshe told them nothing. 3. 2 SIVAN. Yom Hameyuchas. The day we were chosen. 4. 3 SIVAN. Putting up the fences. 5. 4-5 SIVAN.. Mitzvas Prisha. Holiness must be from within. Erev Mattan Torah. The conversion of (all) the Yidden. 6. 8 SIVAN....

3 SIVAN (5771).

What remains of plan a? Put up fences and keep the masses out. Answer: The role of the Navi!

Torah - A Thought 5775/2015

A thought on Torah and Godliness and connection.

3 Sivan (5776/ 2016).

What remains of plan A.