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The Rebbe

The Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson) is the seventh Chabad Rebbe. He is the son-in-law of the Rebbe Rayatz. The Rebbe was born on the 11th of Nissan and was married to Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka. These audio classes are presented by Rabbi Paltiel.

11 Classes

Frierdiker Rebbe Rayatz

The Frierdiker (Previous) or the Rebbe Rayatz (Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak) was the sixth Chabad Rebbe. He was the son of the Rebbe Rashab and the father-in-law of the Rebbe.He Rebbe Rayatz was born on the 12th of Tammuz 5680/ 1880 in Lubavitch and he passed away in New York on on the 10th of Shevat...

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The 'Rebbetzin Rivka'

The ‘Rebbetzin Rivka’ was the wife of the fourth Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe MahaRaSh (Reb Shmuel), she was orphaned at a young age and a great Rebbetzin who survived her husband by more than three decades.She was quite the Rebbetzin over the course of her long life.She passed away in Lubavitch on 10 Shvat 5674/...

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The 'Ohel'

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Basi Ligani, (10 SHVAT)

The Rebbe would say the Ma’amar Basi Ligani each and every year on 10 ShvatBut each one was different. In 5711 his discourse was primarily on the first chapter of his father- in- laws discourse and in 5712 he explored the second chapter. After 20 years (in 5730/ 1970) he finished the entire cycle. In...

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Complete Sichos - 10 Shvat

Likutei Sichos vol. 16 p. 139 ff.The practical legacy of the Rebbe RaYatz. 10 Shvat 5712. Toras Menachem vol. 4 p. 305 ff. 10 Shvat 5714. Toras Menachem vol. 11 page 27 ff. Bishalach, 12 Shvat 5714. Toras Menachem vol. 11 page 56 ff. 10 Shvat 5715, Toras Menachem vol. 13 page 217-21, 244-53. 10...