Shvat classes

Category Title Description
10 Shvat10 Shvat On this day in 5710, the Frierdike (previous) Rebbe passed away.On this date the Rebbe assumed his leadership. Unofficially in 5710, and officially the following year.
13 Shvat13 SHVAT. On this day in 5702 (1942), the Rebbetzin Shterna Sara (wife of the Rebbe RASHAB) passed away.
15 Shvat15 Shvat This is "The Rosh Hashana" (new year) for trees, as the winter ends and the trees come to (visible) life again.
22 Shvat22 Shvat The Yahrtzeit of The Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka (Wife of our Rebbe). She passed away in 5748 (1988).


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