Pre-Pesach class

Thirty days before the Chag we need to be preparing and getting ready!

What is Pesach? (5761).

A seven part series outlining the basic theme(s) of this Yom Tov (season) and its timeless relevance. This series was taught in a warm and engaging style to a small class at Machon Chana in 5761/2001. The material is accessible to anyone. Class One. Where are all the Miracles? Look behind the scenes of the...

Another Series on Pesach. (5765).

A four part series of oral lectures on pesach. Class One. 1) Shana (The hebrew word for year connotes both change and repetition. 2) Growth and change vs. consistency. 3) The world of the individual (before Mattan Torah) and the Nation (from Mattan Torah). Class Two. Golus (Exile). It’s outer and inner dimensions. Class Three....

Atzamos Hayeveishos (5767).

On Shabbos Chol Hamoed Pesach the Haftorah tells the story of the dead that Yechezkel resurrected. This class explores the meaning behind this story and its relationship with Pesach. Class One. Levush, gemara. Class two. Pesukim, Rebbe’s Sicha, Process of regeneration when Techias HaMeisim happens.

The Birth of a Nation. (5771).

It’s not about a few righteous people but an entire union. Class One (Yeshiva). The righteous man Avrohom would father G-d’s nation, but there was to be much to endure first. And the Jews would (in part) choose their own destiny. How would their history unfold? Would Moshiach come immediately or not. The conclusion was...

Pesach, a time to talk (5772/2012). SHORT.

Pesach= Pe Such; a time to talk, Matza being katnus may be linked to the idea that we talk a lot on Pesach.

The seder. (5773/2013).

The Seder and the Hagada, commentary, thoughts and some instructions. A beginners to intermediate overview of the Seder what happens and what (some of) it means. This class is a very meaningful version of the Hagada and worthwhile to ‘bring you into the mood of Pesach’.

After Pesach (5721/ 2021)

After Pesach, Pesach continues indefinitely, for various reasons, and one of them is because the story is not over!!!