The gift of a Rebbe

A gift to the Rebbe, by understanding the gift OF the Rebbe.

11 Nissan 5772 (2012) Farbrengen.

The 11 Nissan Farbrengen and class 1) The significance of the number 110. Like Yosef (who lived that many years) and was immersed altogether in the world and was simultaneously completely above it. The same is true of the Rebbe, 2) The Kapital overviewed (again). It is about faith in Hashem being the master (not...

11 Nissan 5772 (2013) Farbrengen.

(Beis Rivka High School) 11 Nissan talk. six stories in three categories: A. Kiruv. 1) Reuven Dunin’s story, 2) Velvel Green’s story. B. Mesiras Nefesh, 3) The Yid in Romania and Rabbi Hirshprung, 4) Reb Yossef Mochkin, the six day war, ‘bicharbi uvikasgti’. C. Hiskashrus, 5) Reb Mendel’s ‘Pan BiMachshava’, 6) Haber, Paris, the Rebbe...

11 Nissan thought 5775/2015.

Things the Rebbe said of Yud Aleph Nissan.

11 Nissan 5776/ 2016.

A Farbrengen with Beis Rivkah High School. Three Rebbes: 1) The general, 2) The father, 3) The Teacher. Our relationship should be a fusion of all three ideas.

For 11 Nissan 5777/ 2017.

1) A bond of a Soul and a Soul, deeper than the bond of a husband and a wife. 2) The sign of a Chossid is that you see his Rebbe in him: He has lost his “Geshmak” in Olom Hazeh. 3) A story about writing to the Rebbe.

For Yud Aleph Nissan 5777/2017 Pittsburgh.

Talk One Introduction. Giving the post-Holocaust generation the Rebbe was a gift that Hashem really gave Himself. להשם הישועה. Talk Two, The Kapital 116. יקר בעיני הוי’ המותה לחסידיו. Dovid praises Hashem as he sees how the hardest things in his life made him the Chossid he eventually became. Talk Three, Chinuch. Chinuch cannot be...

For י''א ניסן ה'תשע"ח.

Farbrengen with thought on the קפיטל at the end. 1) Tuesday twice כי טוב like Friday the day the Rebbe was born. Changing the paradigm Chassidus begins with helping others. Two levels of Mesiras Nefesh: 1) To give ourselves to G-d. 2) To give ourselves to G-d’s cause.