Nissan classes

Category Title Description
2 Nissan2 Nissan This date is the Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe RASHAB (fith Rebbe), and his son's (The frierdike' Rebbe's) ascent to leadership of Chabad Chassidim.
11 Nissan.11 NISSAN. The Rebbe's birthday!
Shabbos Hagadol.Shaabos Hagadol.
13 NissanThe Tzemach Tzedek passed away 13 Nissan in 5626/ 1866
PesachPesach. Welcome to our Pesach section. We have both an introductory lecture series (numbered classes) and intermediate to advanced classes (textual analysis).
Sfiras Ha'omerSfiras Ha'omer
Pirkei AvosPirkei Avos
28 Nissan28 Nissan


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