Farbrengens - Lag B'Omer

The day Before (5768).17 IYAR/32 Baomer ends reason. 32 is highest level of (“the 32 alleys of) Chochma. 33 is transcendence. This is part of the idea that this (day 33) is connected to RaShBI. Lag Ba’omer talk (5770). Lag BaOmer parades; how religious is Jewish pride? More than you could possibly imagine.It wakes up...

RaShBI (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochaii).

This Tanna has a Yom Tov (holiday) all his own that all Yidden keep. The question is (still) only why (exactly). 1. RaShBI (5766). The Tzaddik who insisted his histalkus (passing) be a great joy and merited to have his desire continued for nearly two millenium. Some details about this extraordinary Tanna based on a...

Rabbi Akiva (5767).

The teacher of RaShBI whose students stopped (interrupted their) dying on Lag Baomer. Who was Rabbi Akiva? Based on a series of Maamarei Chazal that reveal this incredibly great Tanna’s life, stuggle and extraordinary success.

Lag Baomer 5780 Rav Akiva and Reb Shimon (Beis Rivkah Sminary)

Rav AkivaA Jew whose life was extraordinarily difficult and all our Torah is his!!! Rab Shimon bar YochaiiA holy man that we are all connected to because he was the holiest of holy.His Histalkus was a holy joyous event. RaShbI (more) Yeshiva.Everyone relates to the biggest Tzadik,