Iyar, healing, Chariot (5778/ 2018).

איי”ר is the abbreviations for: 1) אני השם רופאיך. 2) אברהם יצחק יעקב רחל the idea of מרכבה.

Sichos associated with the Six Day War

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The Six day war

26 Iyar (5777/ 2017). 50 Years from the six day war. A historic moment of Jewish solidarity. 26 Iyar (5777/ 2017). The story of the six day war through the prism of the Rebbe. Mivtza Tefillin was introduced two days before the war. The Rebbe explained (by citing two Gemaros) that Tefillin 1) preserve the...

Neshei ChaBaD spring convention.

A thought (5777/ 2017). This convention is the כה תאמר לבית יעקב that precedes the ותגד לבני ישראל. The message is that Torah is not intellectual; it is a הוראה בחיים.

5 Iyar

Zionism and ChaBaD (Yom HaAtzmaut and the Rebbe). (5774/2014). A thought. The Chabad Rabeiim were traditionally very anti Zionism, but that seems to have changed when Israel became a state, how can we make sense of our philosophy.

Sicha. From Likutei sichos vol. 32 p. 72 ff.

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A Short Thought. (5768).

Sefiras HaOmer, Count!

A Short Thought.

Iyar is about Refua (Ani Hashem Rofecha) and Merkava (Avrohom Yitzchok, Yaakov, Rochel).

A Short Thought.

all of Iyar is a Mitzva.