Iyar classes

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IyarIYAR. The second month of the calendar year. It is the first month after our exodus and is unique in having a Mitzva through its entirety- Sefiras HaOmer. There is a message of Teshuva and healing in this pre Mattan (The Giving of the) Torah month.
2 Iyar2 IYAR. The birthday of the Rebbe Mahara''sh (b. 5594/1834 d.5643/1882).
13 Iyar13 Iyar
Pesach Sheini.Pesach Sheini.
Lag Ba'omerLag Ba'omer. On this day Rabbi Akiva's students stopped (interrupted their) dying, and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was Nistalek (passed away).
20-22 Iyar20-22 Iyar Leaving Har Sinai and the aftermath.


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