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Tzom Gedalia Analysis

An in-depth class on Tzom Gedalia (the Fast of Gedalia).

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Introduction to Elul - Mini Shiur #1

An inspirational nugget to set the tone for Rosh Chodesh Elul. The mini shiur discusses the Chassidus of a key pasuk from "L'David Hashem Ori" that gives insight into the potential of this special time of year.¹ 1. "L'David Hashem Ori" is an extra tehilla (psalm) that is added to the order of davening (prayers) at this time of year.

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5 Different Views of Elul - Mini Shiur #2

A quick summary of five roshei teivos (acronyms) for the month of Elul. This is an intermediate to advanced mini-shiur.

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Love Versus Fear - Mini Shiur #3

A short talk that will take your Rosh Hashana to a new level. Ideas that can transform your heart.

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Selichos Preparation - 2006

This class, given at the Beis Rivka High School for Girls in Brooklyn, is a great inspiration for selichos preparation for everyone at any age.

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L'David Hashem Ori - Special Tehilla for Elul

An in-depth analysis of L'David Hashem Ori (By David: Hashem is My Light and My Salvation) the special tehilla (psalm) that is added to the daily prayers beginning in the month of Elul and continuing until Hoshana Rabba. Kapitel (Psalm) 27 is recited during the daily prayers from the first day of Rosh Chodesh Elul up to and including Hosha'ana Raba. This class is a thorough discussion of the direct meaning (pshat) of this kapitel as well as the inner meaning. This material is advanced and may be challenging for beginners but it is well worth the effort. The key points will come through clearly by the end of the class. Note: Line 8 of the kapitel (a key line referred to in the class) reads, "Of you (G-d) my heart says, 'Seek My countenance'; Your countenance, L-rd, I seek". We apologize for the inferior sound quality of this shiur - it was recorded on our old equipment. However, it is possible to hear the shiur clearly.


Slichos Thoughts and overview (5779/ 2019)

Slichos Thoughts and overview (5779/ 2019) Three Parts: 1) Introduction and entry 2) The Selichos are all about the 13 Middos of Rachamim 3) The Techinos at the end: The Nussach is not strictly Chabad, it is Russian. We explored some paragraphs individually: 1) Lecha Hashem Hatzedaka 2) Zechor Rachamecha… 3) Vayomer Dovid EL Gad...