The idea of Slichos (5778/ 2018).

A discussion on the text and basic meaning on the pre-Rosh Hashana Slichos. He wraps Himself in a Talis and says the 13 Middos.

Slichos Thoughts and overview (5779/ 2019)

Slichos Thoughts and overview (5779/ 2019) Three Parts: 1) Introduction and entry 2) The Selichos are all about the 13 Middos of Rachamim 3) The Techinos at the end: The Nussach is not strictly Chabad, it is Russian. We explored some paragraphs individually: 1) Lecha Hashem Hatzedaka 2) Zechor Rachamecha… 3) Vayomer Dovid EL Gad...

Slichos (Yeshiva 5781-2/ 2021)

Slichos (Yeshiva 5781-2/ 2021)Overview and thoughts on certain paragraphs of the Slichos.