20 Marcheshvan classes

20 Marcheshvan Birthday of the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, ''The Rebbe RASH''AB (Sholom Dovber). He was born in 5621 (1860).

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Rebbe RashabThe Rebbe Rashab (Rabbi Sholom Dovber) was the fifth Chabad Rebbe. He was the son of the Rebbe Maharash and the father of the Rebbe Rayatz. The Rebbe Rashab was born on the 20th of Cheshvon and passed away on the 2nd of Nissan. These audio classes are presented by Rabbi Paltiel.
20 Marcheshvan Complete Sichos20 MarCheshvan Complete Sichos. 19-20 MarCheshvan 5713. Click here to listen or to download.


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