40. Nachamu 5737

Nachamu 5737The point of this Nachamu, Menachem Av, 15 Menachem Ma’amar is the idea of “Yerida Tzorech Aliya” even if were being punished, there needs to be a gain from the intermittent decline; and in our case it is almost 2,000 of Galus.In three points (in the order we taught it, which is inverse of...

43. Vishinantum Livanecha 5738

Vishinantum Livanecha 5738 Part One.This part of the Ma’amar explores the idea of 15 Menachem , the Aliya is proportionate to the yerida.1) Pesach- Tzadik2) Tishrei- Teshuva but step by step3) 15 Menachem- Teshuva in an instant; at the moment of the Churban itself maximum Gilui. Notes:0:00 – 1:00  Story – The Priest who wore...

39. Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740

Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim 5740.This maamar originally came out as a sicha but was re-issued on 3 Tammuz 2020 as a maamar on the mishnah “Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim l’Yisrael K’Chasmisha Asar B’Av U Ki Yom Ha Kippurim”.  The Rebbe presented many maamarim on this mishnah.  In this version there is a correspondence drawn between...

תנן בסיום מסכת תענית לא היו ימים טובים לישראל וכו' ה'תשמ"ב.

This Ma’amar which the Rebbe repeats rather often is about the idea of two levels of Yomim Tovim. The greater of the two types are Teshuva Yomim Tovim such as Yom Kipur (when we got the second Luchos) and Chamisha Asar BiAv (when the Beis HaMikdash is built after destruction). He speaks of three levels:...

לא היו ימים טובים לישראל התשמ"ג.

15 Menachem av is opposite Tisha Bi’Av. Ahavas Yisroel is opposite Sinas Chinom and brings the Geula. This Ma’amar focuses singularly on loving a fellow Jew (very powerful).

Lo Hayu yamim Tovim... 5744

Class One. The greatest Yerida brings the biggest Aliya. Connection to Monday and the Shir Shel Yom: Gadol Havaya Umehulal Miod BiIr Elokainu two insights: 1) he is seen as greater, 2) he is actually greater! Class Two. 15 Menachem and it’s importance.

Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim LiYisroel... 5746.

The 15th of Menachem Av follows the greatest Yerida (descent) and therefore ushers in the g,eatest Aliya, thus, the great celebration. When one is coerced into doing Mitzvos (and the Rambam, of course, explains that this is a real mitzva, because this is the true desire of a Yid [and even a gentile in his...

Lo Hayu Yamim Tovim LiYisroel (UNEDITED VERSION) 5747

For various reasons I taught both versions of the Maamar. Both versions are being made available. Naturally the edited version is deeper and EDITED!