Hayom Yom Menachem Av classes

Hayom Yom 1 Menachem Av
Moshiach's humility to teach Torah even to us, though he'll be teaching the Avos and Moshe: how great must he be to find greatness even in us??!!

Hayom Yom 2 Menachem Av
Minhagim for putting on Tefillin leading up to the Bar MItzvah
And other related stories and customs.

When Moshiach comes we will miss the "now" because then the work will be done.
The idea of ימים שאין בהם חפץ there will be עליות in קדושה יחסית....
So we must act now and be a דוגמא חי'ה to inspire others.
Techiyas HaMeisim (according to the RaMbaM) to serve Hashem and get Schar, but never the less; it is only for Yiddishkeit and nothing else.

The idea that after Moshiach comes there will be great lights, but there won't be Iskafia.
This is what we will miss.
It is the reason why, even after Moshiach comes we continue mentioning Yetzias Mitzrayim.
Notes:  Story about Reb Nissen on a train relating to the idea of the trip from a world of sheker to the world of truth. Applied to the immigration to the United States and the change in attitude. He was a servant of the Abeshtir and he was serious about it.  He expected everyone to also have his seriousness which not everyone could accomplish.

Hayom Yom 4 Menachem Av, Class One.
This is not in the entry of the Hayom Yom, but it is in the letter which is the source of this entry.
We must appreciate that (especially by Yidden) the material and the spiritual are connected, and therefore to concern oneself with Parnassa at the expense of the chinuch of the children is (simply) bad for business.

Hayom Yom 4 Menachem Av, Class Two.
This class provides a second, more direct, interpretation of the comments on parnassa in this entry*. 
We have only what Hashem decides we'll have.
Discussion: Parnassa is decided at Rosh HaShanah with two aspects: 1. overall amount and 2. nuanced aspects of how the overall parnassa will come to fruition - the same parnassa can come in more or less harmonious fashion. 
Life is for Torah, "avodah" (service), "gemillas chassadim" (good deeds) -
Parnassa is not life, it gives us the tools to live. Stories and comments related to parnassa.

*{In the previous class on this entry it was analyzed in the context of "chinuch" (education) and the Rebbe's emphasis was focus on the critical foundation of a child's future which is ruchniyus}
Class Length (32:51)


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