Hayom Yom Menachem Av classes

Hayom Yom 1 Menachem Av
Moshiach's humility to teach Torah even to us, though he'll be teaching the Avos and Moshe: how great must he be to find greatness even in us??!!

Hayom Yom 2 Menachem Av
Minhagim for putting on Tefillin leading up to the Bar MItzvah
And other related stories and customs.

When Moshiach comes we will miss the "now" because then the work will be done.
The idea of ימים שאין בהם חפץ there will be עליות in קדושה יחסית....
So we must act now and be a דוגמא חי'ה to inspire others.
Techiyas HaMeisim (according to the RaMbaM) to serve Hashem and get Schar, but never the less; it is only for Yiddishkeit and nothing else.


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