Av classes

Category Title Description
5 Menachem Av5 Menachem Av Yahrtzeit of the 'living Ari Zal'.
11 Menachem Av11 Menachem Av Yahrtzeit Reb Hilel Paritcher.
The Nine DaysThe Nine Days. Click here for all related material.
15 Menachem Av.15 MENACHEM AV. The Mishna in Taanis refers to this date as one of the most joyous of the year. the Gemara gives many reasons for this. Chassidus sees this day as the answer to Tisha BiAv.
20 Menachem Av.20 MENACHEM AV. On this date in 5704/1944 the Rebbe holy father Reb Leivik passed away in the city of ALma Ata in Asia after spending five years in exile there for preserving and spreading Yiddishkeit.


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