VeAl Hanisim (said on Purim).

Why is it hoda’a (Modim) and not in Avoda (Retzei) as is Yaale Vyavo?

Lo Yichra Vlo Yishtachave- Mordechai didn't bow

Lo Yichra Vlo Yishtachave The lesson of Purim: Jews are different and they must be proud to be different. (1) Example from the failure of the reform (2) Example from the failing Nationalistic (Zionist) idea.

The day after. (5771).

The Gemara says that Purim can be pushed forward but not back (Vlo ya’avor). What lesson is there in this?

A Short Thought on the nature of the miracle of Purim.(5772/2012).

The Ness (showing of Him) of Purim reveals oneness with the world. Thus it’s called Esther (concealment), Purim (In Persian and carries the name of Haman’s lot) 3) There’s no mention of a Divine name because the story is [the] Divinity itself.

Yemei HaKenisa (5774/2014).

Purim is only one day but not the same day for everyone.

Purim (5777/ 2017).

The basic theme of Purim is 1) לא יכרע ולא ישתחווה 2) ישנו עם אחד. Jewish people are different in essence and trying to be like everybody else never really works.

Before and after Purim.

Below are the before and after purim classes.