Why do we fast on Taanis Esther really? (5767/ 2007).

Everything you always wanted to know about Taanis Esther. Do we fast because Esther fasted? Not so fast! The answer is a little bit more complicated. This class provides inspiration for the fast and Purim as well. (some thoughts). NOTE: There is an error in this class. I say that there is no source for...

Upside and downside of the fast of Esther. (5771).

A short thought about the fact that the fast was pushed up (to 11 ADAR) as we can’t fast on Shabbos.

Why we fast Ta'anis Esther- a thought (5777/ 2017).

(5777/ 2017)A thought. Every Ratzui (Yom Kippur) needs a Shov (eating Erev Yom Kippur; and every Shuv (Purim) needs a Ratzo (fasting Ta’anis Esther). (5780/ 2020)Taanis Esther Ratzoi Purim Shov (like Yom Kippur in reverse).