6 ADAR. (5768).

The last active day of Moshe Rabbeinu’s life. On this day (Friday) he wrote 13 Sifrei Torah.

6 ADAR (5770).

1) 13 Sifrei Torah, 2) “Ain Shilton bYom haMaves (we don’t have “shilton” on the day of passing)”.

7 ADAR 1. The real birthday.

The Rebbe holds (based on some sources) that Moshe was born in a leap year and in the first ADAR.

7 ADAR and Purim. (5768).

The connection between Moshe Rabbeinu’s passing and Purim.

7 ADAR and Purim (5770).

The miracle of Purim and it’s connection to Moshe Rabbeinu.

7 ADAR. (5770).

Moshe Rabbeinu our teacher (Melamed).

7 ADAR (5772).

“Vlo Yada Ish es Kvuraso…”. No one knows where Moshe lies.

7 Adar 1 (5776/ 2016).

Nassi of his and all generations.