Is the world a good place where bad things happen or a bad place where good things happen?

Class One. The world is a jungle (by itself) and G-d’s garden because of G-d’s involvement. The Even Ezra’s justified pessimism and the RaMbaM’s extra-ordinary optimism. Do bad things happen to good people? According to the RaMbaM not as much as people say and think. It is so much on our hands. Three levels of bad: 1) natural, 2) communal, 3) individual. Class Two. The miracle of civics and the order of community and civilization, it is from G-d. Naturally everything can fall apart מארגען אין דער פרי but with the divine involvement it is GOOD. When we are tested we do all we can to “say it’s good” אין עוד מלבדו. The sun was shining. להשכילך בינה. The only explanation is השגחה פרטית לפי שיטת הבעל שם טוב. Class Three. The good we see in the agnostic camp is the direct influence of G-d.
Class One.
Class Two.
Class Three.


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