His Life.

A series of classes on the life of the Alter Rebbe given at Yeshivas Chovevai Torah, beginning in Marcheshvan 5776/2015. Class One. The Alter Rebbe’s daughters: Reb. Fraidke and Devorah Leah. The Bracha of the Maggid for the birth of a son, “but don’t forget about me”. His early years, Bar Mitzvah, wedding (in short).

Class Two. His passion for Chassidus from the earliest of ages. He was -on this earth- like “The Fish from the sea that walk on the dry land. I will say the biur, The Barditchiver Rav and the MR, Go to my Rebbe,

Class One
Class Two
His Life – Part One
His Life – Part Two
His Life – Part Three


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