Hayom Yom 1 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 1 Menachem AvMoshiach’s humility to teach Torah even to us, though he’ll be teaching the Avos and Moshe: how great must he be to find greatness even in us??!!

Hayom Yom 2 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 2 Menachem AvMinhagim for putting on Tefillin leading up to the Bar MItzvahAnd other related stories and customs.


HAYOM YOM 3 MENACHEM AV Class One.When Moshiach comes we will miss the “now” because then the work will be done.The idea of ימים שאין בהם חפץ there will be עליות in קדושה יחסית….So we must act now and be a דוגמא חי’ה to inspire others. Techiyas HaMeisim (according to the RaMbaM) to serve Hashem...

Hayom Yom 4 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 4 Menachem Av, Class One.Chinuch.This is not in the entry of the Hayom Yom, but it is in the letter which is the source of this entry.We must appreciate that (especially by Yidden) the material and the spiritual are connected, and therefore to concern oneself with Parnassa at the expense of the chinuch...

Hayom Yom 5 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 5 Menachem Av, Class One.Sur MeRa, Asei Tov, Bakesh Shalom, RadfaihuThe Ba’al Shem Tov’s commentary on this Possuk.This class 1 includes a reading of the text inside with translation.  Theanalysis in this introduction focuses on the necessary relationshipbetween a person and the physical world and the challenge of settingboundaries.First separate “evil” (materialism) from...

Hayom Yom 6 Menachem Av.

Hayom Yom 6 Menachem Av, Class One.The Alter Rebbe returns from Petersburgh and recites a Ma’amar endorsing the advantage of intellect in effect acceding to his son and successor, the Mitteler Rebbe, Hayom Yom 6 Menachem Av, Class Two.One Havaya brings a second Havaya that brings a third Havaya.But the point is עושה שמים וארץ...

Hayom Yom 7 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 7 Menachem Av, Class One.The story of the last two sections of the Tanya, Igeres HaKodesh and Kuntres Acharon, in brief.This class contains a treasure trove of stories about the Alter Rebbe’s early years and the development of the Tanya including information about the role of his children in publishing the Tanya.  Why...

Hayom Yom 8 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 8 Menachem Av.The 6 remembrances, there’s a daily mention and day altogether dedicated to it.The Rebbe MaharaSh Midos Raos, hurting someone. America and Middos Raos (vs Tovos).

Hayom Yom 9 Menachem Av

Hayom Yom 9 Menachem AvThis entry deals with Minhag and Halacha of Tisha BiAv. The Rebbe RaShaB and Tisha BiAv, what he did and what he learned.


HAYOM YOM 10 MENACHEM AV, Class One. The second letter in Tanya Katonti, written after returning from Petersburgh speaks of being humble in blessing and proximity to Hashem(‘s goodness) as is the Midda of Yaakov’s Chessed.He added the idea of KaMayim HaPanim LiPanim… maybe the good behavior will win over the Misnagdim’s hearts. HAYOM YOM...

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem

Hayom Yom 11 Menachem, Class One.The Alter Rebbe meets the Maggid; we’ll get to it later on IYH.Reb Hilel Paritcher, in conjunction with his Yahrtzait.This is not (at all) in the entry of the Hayom Yom, but this is a good excuse to talk about a great Chossid, He was a giant and a Mikushar,...

Hayom Yom 12 Menachem

Hayom Yom 12 Menachem, Class One.Chassidus is the Torah of Ahavas Yisroel. Hayom Yom 12 Menachem, Class Two.The Baal Shem Tov The Mezritcher Maggid and the Alter Rebbe three levels in Ahavas Yiosroel.NOTE: there is a mistake in the quote of the Ba’al Shem Tov’s vort in this class; the source is Likutei Sichos vol...

Hayom Yom 13 Menachem

Hayom Yom 13 Menachem, Class One.This class has a long introduction about the day 23 Adar and Chinuch (it is the first of the days of Miluim- Chinuch of the Mishkan)We begin discussing the idea of Torah always, in all woarlds and under all conditions. Hayom Yom 13 Menachem, Class Two.This class explores the Pesukim...

Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class Three- 17 Menachem.

Hayom Yom 16 Menachem, Class Three- 17 Menachem.This class ends 16 Menachem and continues with 17 Menachem.Why would people think Chassidus is fire and fear it.The idea of “Learning it after 120 years” means that this is real (deep) and timeless.As the expression: Chassidus (Tanya) removes the child (subjectivity) from the world.

Hayom Yom 18 Menachem.

Hayom Yom 18 Menachem.Ahavas Yisroel all the way to the very essence of the Neshama.

Hayom Yom 19 Menachem Av.

Hayom Yom 19 Menachem Av.The order and custom surrounding “4 pairs of Teffilin” for those who wear themThis requires a גוף נקי ביותר, still these מנהגים are presented in the Hayom Yom.The Rebbe engaged in knowing and revealing all the Minhagim to all of us.Not everything reveled to us is for us to do practically,...

Hayom Yom 21 Menachem Av.

Hayom Yom 21 Menachem Av.Darchei HaChassidus includes feeling a personal responsibility to use opportunities in the Market etc. to encourage people to join Shiurim in Chassidus etc.The “ways of Chassidus” is the cultural component of Chassidus.

Hayom Yom 22 Menachem Av.

Hayom Yom 22 Menachem Av.The need to rinse your mouth before you say a Davar ShebiKdusha on all days other than fast days.The way we say Birchas HaShachar.