01 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One Short, full class next week IYH. Class Two The advantage of being born a Chossid and having certain things as an inheritance. How rich are we.

02 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Shavuos 5689, 4 Ma’amarim and possible message.

03 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Haircuts during Yemei Hagbalah. No Satan on Shavuos like on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Based on Tosfos in Shabbos.

04 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Time of Shavuos is special to affect Torah with Yiras Shamayim and Teshuva, as it is like Yom Kippur in as much as the satan is concerned.

05 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Only point. The class is unfortunately missing. Washing and getting oneself ready and holy for Mattan Torah.

06 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Akdamus. The Ba’al Shem Tov’s passing on the first day Shavuos, some stories.

07 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Birchas Kohanim, some Minhagim. Dreams, why we pray for them in Birchas Kohanim?

08 Sivan. Hayom Yom

The world is a garden that mixes divine purpose and the source of sin and man must choose a path. [Once a choice is made there’s a commitment of sorts].

09 Sivan Hayom Yom

Saying Mishnayos by heart in the streets (of America) purifies the air. Mishnayos joins reason (Torah SheBa’al Peh) and Godliness (משנה אותיות נשמה) Explanation: the miracle of Jewish survival as appreciated strictly intellectually vs. when we add the spiritual dimension.

10 Sivan Hayom Yom

Alter Rebbe says to a Chossid: you have a good candle, but you lack light and fire which comes from hitting the stone of the Animal Soul. What is a candle, two opinions about Neshama being candle: 1) the vessel, 2) the light and fire. Mind and Soul: candle and fire, we all need fire.

11 Sivan Hayom Yom

Chassidus even has a way of service for (spiritually) resurrecting the dead. Possible explanations for spiritual Resurrection: Teshuva from very very far away. The mind which is cold and dead was made alive in Chassidus.

12 Sivan. Hayom Yom

בקורת Learning how to take criticism [difference between criticism and critique] is an incredible tool for success.

13 Sivan. Hayom Yom

The צמח צדק sang. His singing revealed his mood. Music and singing and Chassidus.

14 Sivan. Hayom Yom

This very short class has a long introduction which is in preparation for 19 Kislev, about the end of the Hayom Yom. The entry is the last few minutes about the minhag of Tzitzis in the morning and making a Bracha (even not as soon as you put it on).

15 Sivan. Hayom Yom

The four stages in the development of the Alter Rebbe’s Torah: דרכים very short thoughts that speak very passionately. The “ChaBaD” is very hidden here. as though they were simply to teach how to serve God with little “mind”. אגרות Longer thoughts that take on some ChaBaD (intellectual) form. [This idea is compared to the...

16 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One This class begins discussing the parallel between physical and spiritual illness. As long as you can’t diagnose what is wrong, keep the overall body healthy. To cure, you must examine the specific ailment, even though we are dealing with spirituality- the Soul. Class Two Three potential bases for the spiritual illness. 1) The...

17 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Not enjoying material things is not yet Avodah, it must be coupled by making the material a vessel for Godliness.

18 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One The obligation lies on each person to be דורש טובת זולתו so he not be lost to the coming of Moshiach. What is דורש טובת זולתו, the story of ר’ בערע וואלף קאזעווניקאוו. Class Two It would be terrible for a Jew whose ancestors paid the price of getting to the end to...

19 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One A Rebbe learning privately with one of his children. The Tzemach Tzedek and the Rebbe MaharaSh- a special relationship. Class Two Learning Kabbalah and explaining it according to Chassidus. The Rebbe RaShaB’s quote: Chassidus isn’t a commentary for Kabbalah, Kabbalah is a commentary for Chassidus. The Alter Rebbe: what is Etz Chayim- Hishtalshelus,...

20 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One Yechidus determined the Mind and Heart of each Chossid It was according to his Mehus HaAtzmi This statement seems circular, we resolve how it isn’t. Yechidus for a lifetime. Class Two Continued, Yechidus. Hiskashrus based on the story of Beis Nissan and the Rebbe RaShaB’s desire to be with his Chassidim at the...

21 Sivan. Hayom Yom

The faculties of the Neshama and their limitations vs. the Essence of the Neshama.

22 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Minhagim about Tzitzis and Krias shma.

23 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One A Frum and Chassidic yetzer Hara. Introduction to this idea. Class Two The story behind the comment, learning a Ma’amar 20 times, writing and asking. Not being able to distract himself from one for the other. Frum and Chassidic Yetzer HaRa. [The story is found in the Previous Rebbe’s letters vol. 4 page...

24 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Being connected to the Rebbe. The מצוה ולדבקה בו as understood in Nigleh and Nistar. 1) Learning his Torah. 2) Joining other Chassidim for Chassidic Farbrengens. 3) Doing what the Rebbe says to do.

25 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Worries. 1) Distract yourself. 2) Share with another, but not with a stranger.

26 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One Korach בריאה יברא הוי’ה Class Two They went down “living”. The downside of being alive: in Sheol you still believe you are alive (right). The upside of being alive: you can still do Teshuva. Korach’s sons did right away in thought (and reemerged at the end of the forty years) According to the...

27 Sivan Hayom Yom

Class One Parnassa is from heaven we must “only” make the Keli. 1) It should be enough 2) and for good things. Class Two Parnassa continued. 1) Some make no Keli in Parnassa at all, like יוסף הצדיק, נחום איש גמזו, ר’ אלעזר בר’ שמעון. 2) The rest of us make a Keli in Teva...

28 Sivan. Hayom Yom

Doing a Yid a favor and what it can bring the giver.

29 Sivan. Hayom Yom

The life of a Chossid is based on his sensitizing himself to Hashgacha Protis. The stories of the Rebbe encouraging people to see Hashem in thier every day life.

30 Sivan. Hayom Yom

1) Minhagim of שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום. opposites of גשמיות and רוחניות: health in one is sickness in the other. שמח בחלקו בגשמיות הכי טוב. שמח בחלקו ברוחניות לא טוב, a person must keep growing.