Derech Mitzvosecha Eved Ivri Perek 1

PDF for the Ma’amar (Derech Mitzvosecha) Eved Ivri (and Ama HaIvriah).

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 1.
This First class is an introduction.
This is a case where the Chassidus helps explain the P’shat better than the P’shat does. Why does Mishpatim begin with the laws of Jewish slaves and maidservants?
Answer: It is about Moshe being told to raise us up to his level, the idea of Da’as.
We begin inside.
Discuss the Halacha a drop.
The Rebbe establishes that Hashem is talking specifically to Moshe and he sets up the idea that Moshe will teach us Da’as.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 1

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 2.
We read much of the first page.
The difference between Zera Adam and Zera Behema, Neshamos of Atzilus vs. lower Neshamos.
Lower Neshamos have Emuna (and readiness for Nesiras Nefesh) but no Da’as.
This Moshe must give.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 2

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 3.
Lecture on having Da’as; many stories etc.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 3

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 4.
Moshe gives Da’as spelled out.
One of the seven Roim,
He was unique as he is not a Midda but Da’as.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 4.

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 5.
Moshe gives grass עש”ב to animals means bringing down from ע”ב to שדך which is מלכות דאצילות and then to בהמתך meaning the Neshaoms of the lower worlds (בי”ע).
But he also gives the source of the three Middos חג”ת (i.e. the שי”ן in the middle of the word עש”ב), because Middos from Bina are דמינות שוא compared to Middos from Da’as.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 5.

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 6.
Lecture: the idea of Birur has two approaches, each with a different problem:
1) Birur from outside. you remain clean but you miss sparks.
2) Birur by Hislabshus, investment. You miss nothing but you get dirty.
The perfect Birur is בחכמה אתברירו when Chochma is mivarer (without any Hislabshus, but directly.) It remains clean as it is disengaged, but the Gevura of פנימיות אבא פנימיות עתיק misses nothing.
Our Ma’amar describes the Birur of Da’as in a similar fashion.
It discerns what is important from what is unimportant without trial and error, just from depth.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 6.

Eved Ivri Perek 1, Class 7.
Inside, how Da’as clarifies priority absolutely and what is unholy is just not worthwhile.
It therefore automatically includes Gevura and Rachamim with its Chessed to have the proper judgement.
Thus the שין in עש”ב.

Eved Ivre Perek 1 Class 7.


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