Basi Ligani 5711

Chapter 1. Ikkar Shechina biTachtonim Haysa.

Chapters 2-3. The Seventh is most beloved. As the beginning of the undoing of the divine plan is most critical. So is the end of the correction of that divine plan most essential. The real credit, however, goes to the first (Avrohom), who started the correction. The seventh gets to finish his initiative and is (therefor) beloved.

Chapter 4-5. We explain why the purpose of creation must be the lower worlds as the higher worlds (that are giluyim- They reveal their Source [Hashem]) were higher before being “created”. This the lowest world simply didn’t exist. This world reveals “Atzmus” the Essence of Hashem’s existence.

Chapter five 1) continues the idea of chapter four, arguing that even Keilim (of Atzilus) are a “Yerida MeOhr Panav Yisbarech”, 2) The lights are in Atzilus now for Asiya later, 3) Reconfirms the idea of Dira Bitachtonim through Iskafia and Ishapcha.

Chapter six and seven address how positive extremism (Shtus diKedusha) affects the world in a most profound and good way.

Chapters seven through nine 1) explain Histalkus (a great but lofty light is brought down) and 2) outline the mission of our (the “Seventh Generation)’s role in finalizing the coming of Moshiach.


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