Chayey Sara 5712.

Class One. Chayey Sara, Chava Noach and Sara shared the Avoda of bringing Bittul into Murgash [as opposed to Adam and Avrohom whose task was in the realm of the Bilti Murgash]. Noach tried a bittul of Chochma (wine, pinimyus Bina is Chochma) and failed; Sara tried a Bittul of malchus and succeeded because she was connected to Avrohom Avinu. (next class: Simcha). Class Two. Simcha: 1) Joy reveals the atzmus created through the avoda of Dira BiTachtonim, 2) The prerequisite to joy is humility, 3) The joy (before the original sin was naturally) without murgash., 4) Nowadays the joy is bimurgash, and we must therefore have the joy hidden and the Yirah revealed. The Rebbe’s new approach.
Class One.
Class Two.


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