ויאמר לו יהונתן מחר חדש תשמ”ג. This מאמר begins and ends with מחר חדש: Dovid receives from Yehonasan but in the end, due to his Bittul exceeds him and he becomes One) greater and Two) the Mashpia. The body -ביאור- of the מאמר discusses ברכות: A) Bringing down, B) Three levels of Brachos: הנהנין, המצוות, תפילה. Three) ברכות that are חותם בברכה bring from one world to another. Four) חייב means that every Jew (gets power from משה רבינו) to bring down all ברכות from higher than the level of אורות בכלים that even the higher level should come down onto כלים. In other words: that even רשות should be brought down like חובה.



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