Beis Rabbeinu ShebiBavel (Beis Midrash Linashim 5773/ 2013)

Sefer HaSichos 5752 vol. 2 page 465 ff. a two part overview (semi-text based) on this remarkable Sicha.

Class One. Beis Rabbeinu ShebiBavel entails two ideas, 1) every single Yeshiva and 2) the specific Yeshiva of Rabbeinu. It has many advantages over all the others, before, during and after the Geula. In fact on the deepest level its presence in Chutz LaAretz is the Beis HaMikdash LeAsid lavo itself; and it is in Chutz LaAretz to begin the process of the return of the Mikdash to Yerushalayim etc. Page 465-71

Class Two. The second half of this Sicha explores the idea of Beis Rabbeinu as it relates to 770 in New York. He discusses the idea of the last frontier being in the farthest place from Eretz Yisroel, and once we elevate even the sparks there Moshiach comes, beginning in and from the Beis Rabbeinu. Page 471-5.

Class One.
Class Two.


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