05 Tamuz.

Class One: Entire entry. The greatness of the Alter Rebbe’s Chassidim. A Chossid wouldn’t complain but the Alter Rebbe asked him how are his affairs, so he told that he is doing very poorly financially and the Rebbe reprimanded him: You do ( and worry about) your job and allow G-d to do (and worry about) his affairs: your material well-being.

Class One

Class Two: Continued. Make the world around you light. Tanya Ch 41 discusses two levels in Mesiras Nefesh: Lower Level: Giving oneself to Him and being lost (even dying for) in Him. Higher level: To do for Him what HE needs (כבכיול) to bring Him down ליחדא קוב”ה ושכנתי’ בתחתונים. This 2nd level we are not holding on by ourselves so we say בשם כל ישראל we have it as part of the collective Jew כנסת ישראל. The Rebbe has made this (putting another Yid ahead of you ברוחניות) into the basics ממש.

Class Two


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