38. Atem Nitzovim 5739 (2) (Muga discovered in the Rebbe’s room after 3 Tamuz)

38. אתם ניצבים ה’תשל”ט 2 היום is Rosh Hashana כלכם means that we are a unity of diverse (10) types and groups to achieve unity called אחד, which is less than יחיד. However, then there is the covenant לעברך בברית which is connected to the body, here we become יחיד and one with יחודו של עולם. This is likened to תמלוכוני עליכם in spite of the ancient במי נחלך בנשמותיהם של צדיקים, because in this covenant we become בעלי תשובה and achieve יחיד which is higher than אחד.

מאמר אתם נצבים ה’תשל”ט 2


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