3. Ulkachtem 5739 (Muga)

Ulkachtem Lachem 5739 [Introduction: there are two sides to the purpose of creation: 1) Narrow, it is about Yidden and everything and everybody else serves this goal 2) Broad, the purpose is the world as a whole, and as such everything and everybody serve Hashem directly.] Tishrei has two dimensions A בכסא B ליום חגינו[ The first is the narrow (about Yidden) idea the second is the broad (about the world) idea. This is why Sukkos is so connected to Goyim and הללו את ה’ כל גויים. Dancing with the Lulov as a sign of victory represents this.

מאמר ולקחתם לכם ה’תשל”ט


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