20 Tamuz

20 Tamuz Class One. Written to Rabbi Chodokov. A few stories of how he became involved with the Rabbeiim. He was an Oved Pnimi. This letter was written to him, to help him serve Hashem. This class is only an overview. We will explore all these ideas in detail in the coming classes. The three types of Hisbonenus: A) Intellectual, to hear the שכלי. B) Before Davening, the חיות of the idea. C) During Davening, the אלוקי that is felt.

20 Tamuz Class One

Class Two. The need for Hisbonenus, is in all areas of knowledge, even in Nigla, but much more so in Chassidus because it is meta-physics, that you cannot touch, so you need real work and thought (איבערטראכטן) for the idea to be understood correctly (to get past the משל to the נמשל). The three stages are: 1) Point of the idea, 2) the life of the idea 3) The G-dliness of the idea,

20 Tamuz, Class Two.


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