18 Tamuz

Hayom Yom 18 Tamuz Class 1 This class introduces (but doesn’t yet explain) this Hayom Yom. It includes a thought on ר’ משה ווילענקער and a discussion on the greatness of the Alter Rebbe’s Chassidim, both in mind and heart. Even before meeting him they came to him for a connection to Hashem.

Hayom Yom 18 Tamuz (1)

Hayom Yom 18 Tamuz, Class 2. This class begins with a discussion on the idea of מיצר הגרון (to go from mind to heart there’s an interruption) and the need for a בכן (the point that remains and goes to the heart. We also explained what מוחין דגדלות (or פנימית המוחין והמדות) are; the reaching of the אלוקי (G-dly) which is above the שכלי (the divine) [We spoke about ר’ חיים יונה לוצקי ע”ה] And we finished with מוחין רחבין that are compared to מרחב העצמו בעצם הנפש.

Hayom Yom 18 Tamuz (2)


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