17 Tamuz

17 Tamuz Class One: This class explains the connection between the date (17 Tamuz) and the entry about the two sets of Luchos. We also read the entire entry and explained all of it basically. The level of Chakika which is above the written and the oral.

Class One

Class Two: This class discussed the first difference between the two sets of Luchos: The stone came from where? The first set was never a part of the world, the second set came from the world and needed to be elevated. Explanation: מה נורא המקום הזה אין זה כי אם בית אלוקים and the Targum explains לית דין אתר הדיוט the land of the Shuls (קבועים) are different from the land around them in the way were created. This is so many times in the Luchos, specifically the first set.

Class Two

Class Three: The first Luchos were מכתב they were not written onto the Luchos, the Luchos were simply made with them on them. The second Luchos were כתב written onto the stone. In both cases it is carved. The idea of אותיות החקיקה and אותיות הכתיבה and אותיות על פה and what they mean in terms of the oneness between G-dliness and worldliness. 1) Fire and fuel are One ממש and 2) and fire and fuel are separate but in harmony, 3) and the fire and fuel are struggling against each other. The resultant difference was, that in the first Luchos: 1) there could be no forgetfulness, the nature of memory and forgetfulness is discussed here. 2) There could be no submission to other nations.

Class Three

Class Four: The first Luchos is Tzadik and the second is Ba’al Teshuva. Differences between Tzadik and Ba’al Teshuva, like the Beis Hamikdash, don’t allow for a בעל מום because it is the world of balance and Tzadik, and one who has a blemish and compensates (in the Rebbe’s words: they are מצויינים they make up for what they lack with extreme in some areas. This is the Ba’al Teshuva that is outside “normal”.

Class Four

Class Five: With the first Luchos, Moshe received 1,000 lights, which he lost after the Chet HaEgel, and now (with the second Luchos) he has them only on Shabbos. [Suggested explanation:] But with the second Luchos he received the idea of קרני עור פניו his face radiated. The thousand lights, are not able to become פנימיות with and in Torah, but the radiance on his face can integrate with his Torah.

Class Five

Class Six: Second Luchos included Halachos, Midrash, Agados etc. The question of חוטא נשכר (the sinner profits?!) is addressed here. The answer is we lost much of the Ruach HaKodesh that had been but we gained the need for and the benefit that comes from groping and tapping in the darkness, and thus the increase in תורה שבעל פה.

Class Six


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