14 Tamuz

Class One: This Hayom Yom is based on a (rather famous) exchange between the Previous Rebbe and Our Rebbe about the question of מתן תורה in America. In this letter the Previous Rebbe separates two ideas: 1) In מקיף, the Torah was given to the entire globe as one, 2) In פנימי what is closer to Sinai and Eretz Yisroel is more and what is farther is less. Accordingly “on the other side of the world” the Torah was not given on this level. As part of that discussion, there is this teaching of the Alter Rebbe about the question of gravity. He argues that wherever you stand stand on earth, the sky is to you “up” not because of (the physical reason of) gravity (only) but [also and primarily] because the earth and the sky above it come from עיגולים which has no top and bottom. At the end of the class we briefly discuss that the earth is like a fetus where all detail is unseen and “curled up”.

Class one

Class Two: This is part two of the Hayom Yom about gravity. We discussed the ideas of עיגולים and יושר. We made the point that עיגולים is both קטנות and אין סוף. The earth is an עיגול and (we suggested) that it’s יושר, that there are people who walk upright on earth (Hayom Yom 13 Shvat.) That adds the “גדלות” to the world. (3)

Class two


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