10. Basi Ligani 5720

10. Basi Ligani 5720 Class One.
Review of the Hemshech.
This is the last class to the first half: The purpose, make this world a home for Him through Iskafia and Ishapcha.
This chapter, Dira BiTachtonim, the idea of Nisaveh, above a question.
The Ba’al Shem Tov warning against false humility considering that what we do He monitors and “needs”.

Basi Ligani 5720 Class One.

10. Basi Ligani 5720 Class Two.
This class is on Perek 3 of Basi Ligani 5720.
The Rebbe continues his analysis of Perek 10 of the Frierdike Rebbe’s Ma’amar.
Why (after explaining Dira BiTachtonim, revealing Atzmos (or Sovev)) does he speak of Hayosheves Baganim in its various interpretations?
The Rebbe explains: this is to teach that Dira BiTachtonim brings not only Atzmus (Sovev) but Mimalei as well.
This seems odd!
The Rebbe explains with the Torah of the Maggid that Hashem has Yidden carved in His essence as we are down here right now.
This is the source of Mimalei, but a Mimalei rooted in Atzmus.
This explains the order: First Sovev and then Mimalei.

Basi Ligani 5720 Class Two.

10. Basi Ligani 5720 Class Three.
1) The people who affect this Dira BiTachtonim are called Tzivos Hashem.
2) Question: why were Yidden (at the time of Yetzias Mitzrayim) then called Tzivos Hashem.
A. It is lower than the names Havaya and even Shakai.
B. It is in BY”A (where there isn’t איהו וחיוהי וגרמוהי חד) and the Yidden then were in Atzilus (where there IS איהו וחיוהי וגרמוהי חד)
C. Tzvaos is like שם הפעולה or שם הכינוי which is much lower than שם התואר and שם העצם.
These ideas are explained here.
The answer: צבאות means (among other things) beauty, and this was important to them then also.
(Perhaps it’s a beauty also in BY”A).

Basi Ligani 5720 Class Three.

10. Basi Ligani 5720 Class Four.
1) The second translation of צבאות is time.
The idea that to be צבאות השם it must come into time, which is connected to tefilla.
Specifically the unit of a “day”, because a day has a day and a night, and involves the Yetzer Tov and the Yetzer HaRa.
Only then is the Avoda protected from not good entanglements.
2) The effect of the Birur of שקר to קרש can be seen actually physically only through פנימיות התורה.
אמן יהא שמי’ רבה of Aggadah.”
3) The idea of צבאות meaning time is revisited again. Time means limited physical time, this reveals the אין ערוך בורא לגבי הנברא which אור ומאור do not. Through the seeing the quantum distance down here we understand the same even on the levels of אור.

Basi Ligani 5720 Class Four.


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