04. Basukos Tashvu 5738 (Muga)

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Class One.
This Ma’amar was edited by the Rebbe at the time he said it in 5738, and was made public on Hoshana Rabba 5738, hours before the infamous heart attack he suffered then.
This first class has three areas of questions:
1) Understanding the Sukka
2) Understanding the ד’ מינים the four kinds used with the Lulav
3) The לצרף בהם את הבריות what it all means in Avodah.
The ideas of Rosh Hashana, the ten days of Teshuva and Yom Kippur are בכסא ליום חגינו hidden then and revealed in the joy of Sukkos.

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Class Two.
This class (covers very little text, but) has a long introduction about the ספר יצירה’s focus on the number 3 (while other Kabbalah models focus on the number 4 or 5) and how the fourth idea emerges from the three, and it is lower than the three down here but it’s source is higher than the three in the source.
It addresses the heart of this Ma’amar: how the three big ideas of עולם שנה נפש on which all of the ספר יצירה is based is inspired with the much higher light called אחת.
Moreover how we have the three (עולם שנה נפש) plus אחת in Rosh Hashana and Sukkos also.

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Class Three.
Achas according to Kabbalah is higher than any association (directly or indirectly) to the world.
Above the Tzimtzum, above the idea of Makom Hacholol, even above the idea of הוא ושמו בלבד, in othr words Atzmus Himself is Achas.
And every Jew even ordinary ones have access to “Achas” as we are rooted there, based on the teaching of the Mezritcher Maggid on the Midrash ישראל עלו במחשבה and במי נמלך בנשמותיהם של צדיקים.
On Sukkos there is also “Achas” like on Yom Kippur. It is the ראויים כל ישראל לישב בסוכה אחת.
This is the Possuk כל האזרח בישראל ישבו בסכות it is in the future, when Moshiach comes, but now we taste it and set it up.

Basukos Tashvu 5738, Class Four.
End of the Ma’amar consolidates the entire Ma’amar and all of Tishrei (based on the וככה תרל”ז). Tishrei is a pyramid whose peek is Yom Kippur after that we are bringing down.
It goes from the general to the specific.
To be a Jew we need inspiration (“Achas”) to remain a Jew we need Mitzvos, this is Sukkos, the four minim, Simchas Beis Hashoaiva and what follows after Yom Tov.