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18a. VaAvaditem Es Hashem Elokaichem 5736, Class One.

18a. VaAvaditem Es Hashem Elokaichem 5736, Class One.This classic Ma’amar with quite a new (and involved) set of details.The work we do is ‘also’ for Him (not only for us and it begins with Bittul.He wakes us up, we demonstrate Bittul that makes many in to one; and then He culminates the Bittul. The class...

Yisro 18-01, Yisro's seven names

Yisro 18-01, Yisro’s seven namesAccording to the Midrashim (many are included in the PDF included here) Yisro had either 5, 6, 7 or 8 names.The meaning of these numbers. 5 and 6 represent Yechida and higher. 7 is order and 8 is it’s transcendence.The meaning of each of the seven (eight) names and what they...