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Monday, 17 January 2011 12:58
The Rebbetzin.
Stories. Her life and secret.
Another thought and lesson. (5773/2013).
The Rebbetzin is like Sovev Kol Almin, what this may mean.
"I'm a simple woman" (5774/ 2014).
There is nothing simple about the Rebbetzin's being simple.
14 Kislev story.
before, during and after.
More Stories and some lessons.
Letters. (5772).
 In 5770 The Kehos publication society published a complete volume of letters (Igros Kodesh RaYatz 15) from the Frierdike Rebbe to his daughter (the Rebbetzin) and his Son-in-law (The Rebbe). Here are some excerpts.
A Talk on the Rebbetzin (5777/ 2017).
To post seminary girrls.
Some stories, insights and a lesson.
The story of her passing through the eyes of a Bochur (5778/ 2018).
A talk I gave at Machon LiYahadus relating how I experienced her passing and what happened subsequently.
חי' מושקא= ע"ת a Generation (5778/ 2018).
1) The Rebbe wrote חי' מושקא is גימטריא 470= ע"ת this means a generation.
Tzadikim create their own time.
2) She felt other's lives, especially those who sacrificed to do her husband's bidding.
3) Her Brachos- no pre-conditions.