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Monday, 22 November 2010 12:54
Maamarim on 9-10 KISLEV.
One week before his Passing the Mitteler Rebbe said a Maamar explaining the mystical basis for this evil decree. The Maamar is quite intense.
 ViHaya Zaracha 5722.
This shiur attempts to explain the differences between the four (basic) levels of Ohr Ein Sof our Ma'amar deals with 1) Lifnei Hatzimtzum (only Igul) 2) After the Tzimtzum in Ein Sof (Igul and Kav are together); 3) Atzilus (only ein Sof of Kav); 4) The NeHI that can split and come into BY"A with only the limited and not the infinite  light.
This class is very difficlut and cannot be listened to as the correct p'shat in the Ma'amar, it is simply an attempt at explaining these most difficult concepts.
Middle of the Ma'amar: the four sets of three, the anomalies in Gevuyra; the Questions and answers about lifnei and liacharei HaTzimtzum.
 The rest of Shabbos is a vehicle to reach Atzmus that is higher than all the levels of three kavim our Ma'amar has been discussing. The reason this is so is because it takes by inaction rather than through a positive action.
This dimension of Shabbos is Yaakov's and not Avrohom's.
Atta Echod 5729. (Muga).
פדה בשלום ה'תשמ"א.
 This (first of two) class on this Ma'amar explores the idea of Shalom.
To have peace from wart has two aspects:
A. The evil is נתבטל בעצם מהותו altogather nullified.
B. The weapon sued to defeat the enemy has to be transcendent- above the struggle altogether.
He explains trhgree levels in this:
A. The time of Shlomo,
B. The first ear of Moshiach where peace affects human beings. 
This (second part of two) class introduces us to the idea that at the heart of things  every struggle is שלום.
The reason is because all עבודה  has at it's base מסירת נפש of יחידה which is where  real peace is.
[He connects to the end of Tanya Ch. 41 where he explains everything to be מסירת נפש[.
 There is שלום in every single struggle.
Thus prayer affects פדה בשלום also. 
 אתה אחד ה'תשמ"ב.
There are four levels (like Hishtalshelus) and in each one there are three, like חג"ת.
And above that is the plain essence of Godliness. מנוחה שלימה וכו.
Every Jew is connected to all the levels of Hishtalshelus (like the ladder which us Tefilla) and also to the Yechida.
This Ma'amar and it's connection to the Geula of the Mitteler Rebbe.
When one squeezes an olive, the oil is given or found.
It was said before Mincha as Torah gives Koach to all.
The idea that even in Atzmus we can have an awareness. יכירו וידעו בניך כי מאתך היא מנוחתם -the highest level is knows by Yidden on a level of knowledge.
Yaakov went down into Galus and achieved a greater height, Teshuva, wealth etc.
Because of the קרב- the struggle the redemption is more peaceful.
Going into קרב 3 levels: 1) war, 2) up close body to body, 3) up close soul to soul (which is even closer, but brings on up even higher). 
The standard Pada BiShalom (explaining the Possuk, not the Gemara) is repeated here.
The level of peace follows the level of war.
It begins (war) in little children who go towards peace as they age.
this idea is explored in this class.   
 This Korbanos Maamar made its' way into the winter because it was a newly printed Sefer of the Mitteler Rebbe.
The Maamar (in general) makes two points about a Korban:
1) to sacrifice and transform,
2) Uplift and bring close. The Rebbe proposes that these two also exist in Pada BiShalom 1) Tefilla, 2) Torah.
Pada Bishalom has levels 1) that now is only potential and the Shalom will be revealed when Moshiach comes, 2) That the Shalom is revealed at the moment of the Tzadik's histalkus, 3Z) That the Tzadik experiences the Shalom during his lifetime. This Ma'amar observes that the Mitteler Rebbe's Yahrtzeit being the day before his redemption allows for his Shalom to felt during his lifetime.