Complete Maamarim on individual parts of Tefilla. classes

Complete Maamarim on individual parts of Tefilla.

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Ma'amar on Bentching - MP3
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ואכלת ושבעת תשמ"ג This Ma'amar is one Benctching. Why are there three biblical blessings and the ChaZaL added a forth? It is like the numbers 3 (lights) that is favored by the Sefer Yeztirah and the number 4 (light and vessel) favored by later Kabbalah. Hashem's favoritism to His people for Bentching for A smaller amount than what is required.
אתה אחד ה'תשמ"ב. - MP3
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Class One. There are four levels (like Hishtalshelus) and in each one there are three, like חג"ת. And above that is the plain essence of Godliness. מנוחה שלימה וכו. Every Jew is connected to all the levels of Hishtalshelus (like the ladder which us Tefilla) and also to the Yechida. Class Two. This Ma'amar and it's connection to the Geula of the Mitteler Rebbe. When one squeezes an olive, the oil is given or found. It was said before Mincha as Torah gives Koach to all. The idea that even in Atzmus we can have an awareness. יכירו וידעו בניך כי מאתך היא מנוחתם -the highest level is knows by Yidden on a level of knowledge.
Brachos - MP3
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ויאמר לו יהונתן מחר חדש תשמ"ג. This מאמר begins and ends with מחר חדש: Dovid receives from Yehonasan but on the end due to his Bittul exceeds him and he becomes 1) greater and 2) the Mashpia. The body -ביאור- of the מאמר discusses ברכות: 1) Bringing down, 2) Three levels of Brachos: הנהנין, המצוות, תפילה. 3) ברכות that are חותם בברכה bring from one world to another. 4) חייב means that every Jew (gets power from משה רבינו) to bring down all ברכות from higher than the level of אורות בכלים that even the higher level should come down onto כלים. In other words: that even רשות should be brought down like חובה.
אדנ-י שפתי תפתח תשי"ב - MP3
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This Ma'amar said by the Rebbe on his fiftieth birthday deals with the idea if this Possuk which is added at the beginning of the Amida and appears to interrupt the סמיכות גאולה לתפילה. The Gemara explains it using the logic of תפילה אריכתה The Ma'amar explains that תפילה אריכתא means much more than an elongated prayer but a prayer from the level of Aruch (Kesser) that therefore descends very low.
Karov Hashem 5744. - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
Class One. Moshe's explaining to the Malachim that they didn't get the Torah because they have n Yetzer Hara etc, is really about the idea of Dira Bitachtonim. Fortunate is one who comes here (to Gan Eden) with the Talmud in his hand, meaning he brings along the level of Torah connected to action. Class Two. 1) The Possuk Gadol Adonaninu ViRav koach indicates limit; while ViLisvunaso Ain Mispar indicates infinity. 2) Something which is higher than a count shouldn't even be called 'No number'. 2) the first half of the Possuk is about the worlds, while the second half is about the Torah that remains the same through all the worlds. 2) It does descend into the worlds and therefore can be called 'with no number' as it exists in a world of numbers. 3) Karov Hashem Lichol Koruv is Tefilla; Lichol Asher Yikrauhu BeEmes is Torah. 4) Torah brings Hashem down which is the point, but Tefilla comes first to inspire it.