Thoughts from the Tanya classes

Thoughts from the Tanya. A series of classes given at Chabad of West Hempstead.

Class 1
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The Neshama (soul)- how it is relevant practically?
Class 2
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Kabala and Chassidus- how are they similar? How are they different?
Class 3
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From Chassidus to Chossid. Being a Chossid is far easier said then done. It is by definition a labor of love. Emphasis both on "labor" and on "love".
Class 4
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Tanya, a holy book written by a holy man that embraces the Yezter Hara. This class given at Beth Rivkah Seminary on 24 teves 5775, In this class it is underscores that the Tanya is a most encouraging (rather than discouraging) book, as it accepts the struggle of the ordinary person. Ideally it empowers one to 'never sin again', but one who cannot, learns from the Tanya never to give up!