Mem Gimmel - Introduction, Vyadata and Mem Gimel.
The Mem Gimmel Class series includes a full year of study at a relatively advanced level. The classes delve into an important area of the chassidus of Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn (Rashab, the fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch). The first 18 classes in this series cover a discourse from 5657 (1897) (Vyadata). The topic is Achdus Hashem (the unity of G-d) based on the pasuk (line) "Hashem hu ha'Elokim" (e.g., the Divine Name "Havaya" - an acronym for the 4 letter name of G-d - and the Divine name "Elokim" are one and the same). The discourse explains this concept of unity on three levels: (1) Havaya and Elokim are like the right and left Hands of One G-d; (2) Elokim conceals only from the perspective of the creation not the Creator; and finally (3) deep spiritual service makes it possible for us to experience the truth of the unity of Hashem in creation. Vyadata concludes with two practical discussions. First, earning a parnassa (a livelihood) while keeping a balance between faith and human effort. Second, the significance of personal tests.
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1 vyadata-classes 1 to 18 Administrator
2 Tanu Rabbanan Ner Chanuka 5643 Administrator
3 Hemshech Rab Brachya 5643 Administrator
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