Tamuz classes

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3 Tamuz3 TAMUZ
12-13 Tamuz.12-13 TAMUZ. The 12th of TAMUZ is the Frierdike (previous) Rebbe's birthday. He was born in 5640/1880. On this date in 5687/1927 he was freed finally from his incarceration and exile in Soviet Russia. He declared this day a Yom Tov (holiday) for the victory of Yiddishkeit over it's oppressors.
17 Tamuz17 TAMUZ. One of the four fasts that commemorate the serie sof events that led to the distruction of the first and second beis Hamikdash and the exiling of Jews from the holy land.
The Three WeeksThe three weeks. The period of morning between the fasts of 17 Tamuz and 9 Menchem Av that mark the time of the Beis Hamikdash's destruction.

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12th of Tammuz - MP3
The birthday of the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe.
10th of Tammuz - MP3
Background on the fast in Tammuz with comparison to the other fasts during the year.
Z'chor Hashem Me Haya Lanu 5733. - MP3
Tisha Bi'Av (5777/ 2017). - MP3
Teshuva and Mosihach.
2 Menachem (Av) 5777/ 2017. - MP3
The Rebbe called the month Menachem without AV, why?
Rosh Chodesh Menachem 5777/2017 - MP3
Ahavas Yisroel and Ahavas Hasehm LiYisroel converge on this occasion.
After Tishah BiAv (5774). - MP3
The nine days are behind us.
7 Menachem 5775 (2015). - MP3
inspiration and perspective.
8 MENACHEM AV (5769). - MP3
Tomorrow is Tisha B'Av. An attitude.
(5773/2013). - MP3
7 Menachem as the Availus (that reflects the tragedy) deepens the anticipated good that will follow when Moshiach comes is also heightened.
7 MENACHEM AV (5769). - MP3
It's almost Tisha B'Av.
Rosh Chodesh Menachem AV (5776/2016). - MP3
אהבת חינם שנאת חינם וחינם מן המצות A thought.
Mishenichnas Av Minaatin.... BiSimcah (5768). - MP3
The Chassidic Masters would say: If you wish to diminish the sadness of the nine days do it through Simcha!
18 TAMUZ (5768). - MP3
A short thought.
9 TAMUZ. - MP3
The walls of Yerushalayim were breached leading to the destruction of the first Beis HaMikdash.
While There. (5770).A Class given at Yagdil Torah describing the intense standard of Halacha maintained in the Beis HaMikdash. In the Beis HaMikdash food is holy; We don't sit.
On The Way (5770). - MP3
A Class given at Yagdil Torah describing what was involved in preparing to go to the beis HaMikdash.
Three Rooms (5767). - MP3
The Beis HaMikdash is designed to reflect how we live, and Human habitation is divided into three basic areas. the beis HaMikdash reflected this.
The triple Beis HaMikdash. (5767). - MP3
The third Temple won't be the third but "of three" encompassing the virtues of the first and the second in addition to it's own distinction.
Purpose of the Beis HaMikdash. (5767). - MP3
 - PDF
What is the Beis HaMikdash for? G-d meeting us (the Holy Ark; Torah) or us meeting Him (Korbonos, The Mizbeach)? Both are true as represented by Rambam and Ramban.
The Beis HaMikdash (5762). - MP3
This class given at Machon Chana overviews the Beis HaMikdash in an inspired way. It is a beginners class.
An overview (5777/ 2017) - MP3
An overview of the Rebbe's thoughts on Fasts as days for Teshuva and opportunity. When Moshiach comes they will be transformed to holidays, why? We also discussed specifically the event of the walls of Yerushalayim being breached.
Some thoughts (5774/ 2014). - MP3
The upsides of the fasts, and specifically of Shiva Asar BiTamuz
A thought (5773/ 2013). - MP3
Pizmon. - MP3
Explaining one of the Slichos we say on 17 TAMUZ.
9 TAMUZ. - MP3
The first siege of Jerusalem ended with the breaching of the walls on this date. We fast on the 17th as this was the day the walls were breached at the time of the destruction of the second Beis Hamikdash.
Arbaa Tzrichim Lihodos 5748.
Se'u Yedeichem Kodesh 5747. (5772/2012). - MP3
The Zohar explains that two Havayos in one Possuk should be understood as two Havayos (DilAila and Diltata- higher and lower). Moreover as one grows they discover many levels of higher and lower Havayos and what is higher to one level is low to the level above itself etc. [Levels of infinity]. This Possuk Se'u Yideichem Kodesh discusses raising up what is low (the hands and of course, the feet) and the higher levels that are achieved through this effort.
Hodu LaHashem Ki Tov 5746. - MP3
 - Part One
 - Part Two
Yerida Tzorech Aliya. The four categories that need to praise and submit to Hashem, how are they in spiritual and refined terms. A. Yehi Hashem Elokeinu Imanu 5746, Part One. (5772/2012). Based on the Frierdike Rebbe's Maamar from 5685 (1925). The descent into Golus affects that the high become higher and the low lower. On the one hand that is bad but on the other hand, the fall on the lower end allows the elevation of the newly discovered lowliness. Mattan Torah raised Yidden up and allowed what is in the world to fall lower, and this is Yerida Tzorech Aliya as we can now elevate the newly isolated and lower lowness! B. Yehi Hashem Elokeinu Imanu 5746, Part Two. (5772/2012). We pray to be like our ancestors though we are [in our Avoda] on a higher level than they were. The reason for this prayer is because we are asking Hashem to allow us to feel the lofty levels we reach as a result of being born after Mattan Torah. Just as they felt the (lesser) levels they achieved.
Baruch HaGomel (2) 5745. - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
Class One. 1) The Neshama in a Guf is a Golus, 2) In this world in Galus is a double Galus, 3) the four that must say Gomel, that spiritually refers to a sinner doing Teshuva, is the ultimate Yerida, which brings the ultimate Aliya. This yerida is so low, and its' potential Aliya so great that it is represented by the acronym 'Chayim'. Class Two. The second half of this Maamar connects Baruch HaGomel to 12 Tamuz, which the Rebbe calls the 'aschalta Digiula' of Moshiach! he explains this by saying that because the darkness the Frierdike Rebbe overcame was the worst type, it sets in motion the final good. He connects it to Tehillim kapital 106: Moshiach, two worlds and Amain.
Yehiu Hashem Elokeinu Imanu 4745. - MP3
 - PDF
The Ma’amar is based on the Sicha of 3 Tamuz 5687, Yehi Hashem Elokeinu Imanu, that is a Tefilla, though it begins with a Posuk. It discusses the order of the Kuntres 12 Tamuz observing that it begins with Galus comparing Yidden to grapes that do the best when removed from their roots, he goes on to talk about Geula and finally that Yidden adding to Havaya, by revealing the Tziyon (Yechida) of the Neshama through this Mesiras Nefesh.
Boruch HaGomel (1) 5745. - MP3
 - PDF
This is the first of two maamarim based on this Bracha. The Rebbe RaYaTz said this maamar twice in 5687 also. The two maamarim compliment one another and some ideas are explained at length in the first and abbreviated in the second and other aspects are developed more in the second. In this first Maamar he explains the idea of 'LiChayavim', that the bad itself is transformed to good. He explains that the four categories who make this bracaha mean four spiritual ills; weak, Disfunctional, spiritually lonely, and distracted by materialism. The Rebbe adds that the Bracha is for someone who is in Sakana which means a Rasha, and that the Koach of this Bracha heals even him! Moreover, a Tzadik can also achieve this 'Lachayavim Tovos'.
Pada Bishalom 5744. - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
Class One. The Gemarah that links this Possuk to Torah Avoda and Gemilas Chasadim. The Rebbe links this to 'the three pillars on which the world stands'. These three are affecting one's 1) mind, 2) body, 3) world. The narrow world (the person) and the greater world. Yerida Tzorech Aliya of the Neshama, from a state of Amida (standing motionless, unable to move), into this world with a body animal Soul etc. Class Two. This class explores the 'Aliya' after the Yerida: the ascent from Tzadik to Ba'al Teshuva. The ascent from being a Nivra to being 'Tehota Hi'; the Ma'amar also explained that this ascent is a Chidush, meaning to say, something so new, that it doesn't even exists in the potential of the Neshama which is why where the Ba'al Teshuva stands, the Tzadik can't possibly stand! We explored the difficulty in understanding this and explained that the 'Tahor' the Ma'amar speaks of here is actually higher than K'dusha. The Neshama is both Godly and an entity onto itself. This makes this version of 'Yerida Tzorach Aliya' (from Tzadik to Ba'al Teshuva) quite different form the normal idea of Aliya from Tahor to Kodesh.
שאו ידיכם קדש תשמ"ג - MP3
 - PDF
One of the Ma'amarim of the redemption of 12 Tamuz 5687. The issue is that hands are connected to action (the lowest thing) and holiness is the highest thing, how do these two come together. The Rebbe explains that the purpose is to do actions, hands, and raise them up to the levels of 1) emotion, 2) intellect, 3) will. Then draw the holiness down from an even higher level of Havaya. This is especially achieved in Eretz Yisroel through Am Yisroel.
ברוך הגמל לחייבין טובוח תשמ"ג - PDF
 - MP3
Thus Bracha is different than other ברכות הנס as it i s also (primary) about the spiritual Journey, this is the reason for the change of format etc. This struggle has four categories (the latter finer than the former) all connected to the Neshana coming down here.
עשרה שיובים ועוסקים בתורה ה'תשמ"ב 3 - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
Class One. More on the advantage of Tefilla over Torah it is the real source of Bittul Of being an Eved. Class Two. Another point regarding Torah study, that in bringing light downward it is fulfilling the divine plan in creation and as such it reaches "Atzmus" Thus placing Torah in as much as it achieves the purpose in creation above the advantage of Tefilla.
עשרה שיושבים ה'תשמ"ב 2 - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
Class One. This class on this Ma'amar repeats and organizes the ideas that show the similarity between Davening and Learning with a Minyan. Class Two. This class focus on the asymmetry of Torah with a Tzibur and Terfilla with a Tzibbur. Davening is more important in terms in reaching up. Torah is more important in terms of what we get back (like Birchas Kohanim).
עשרה שיושבים ה'תשמ"ב 1 - MP3
 - PDF עשרה שיושבים תרפ"ח
 - PDF
Based on the Previous Rebbe's Ma'amar from 5688. Just as ten Jews are needed for a Miyan and the affect reveals the 13 attributes of Mercy Similarly, when one learns with ten Jews it reveals the 13 attributes of the interpretations of Torah (Torah SheBa'al Peh)
הוי' לי בעוזרי ה'תשמ"א. - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
 - Class Three
Class One. This class has a lengthy introduction about Yud Bais Tamuz and the idea of Mesiras Nefesh. The part of the Ma'amar learned is the beginning and the end. The point is that the salvation of Dovid from his challenges and his receiving divine help depends on actually seeing his enemies as a challenge not to be destroyed but transformed! This explains both halves of the Possuk. Class Two. The alternative is זמירות היו לי חוקיך בבית מגורי This is Dovid saying how Torah gave him joy under difficult conditions when he realized how each detail of Torah changes the entire creation. It is also him disclosing how the Torah was זמירות מלשון לזמר עריצים to cut away his opponents. This is why Dovid was pushed, because the point is not to defeat the enemy, but to transform them as indicated in the פסוק on which this Ma'amar is based הוי' לי בעוזרי וגו. Class Three. There is a long introduction to the class about the five מאמרים the רבי ריי"צ said in eight days around the time of his liberation. This class discusses תפילה, and how Tefilla brings the person to the level of חוקיך and the level of הוי'ה. The poor person has only one interest: to speak directly to the king; which is the biggest thing imaginable.
נתת ליריאך תשי"ב - PDF
 - Class One
 - Class Two
Class One. Miracles, the process that brings them about, a higher order in the creation is in effect. Class Two. Tests that conceal so extremely reveal the same kind of light as the revealed miracle does!
נתת ליריאך תשי"א. - MP3
 - PDF
The difference between בירורים and נסיונות. בירורים corrects both the person and the object one is dealing with. נסיונות is so deep a test from so deep an evil that the good within has become evil. Accordingly, the correction in the person alone because the item being corrected has no reality as it is all קליפה. In this מאמר the רבי adds that there must be an elevation in the קליפה even in נסיונות. This idea appears in the Rebbe's Ma'amar but not in the previous Rabbeiim's Ma'ararim.
Asara Sheyoshvim 5688. (5771). - MP3
This Maamar was said and "given out" for the first anniversary of his release from the Soviet Prison in 5687.
19 Tamuz 5777/ 2017. - MP3
The Rebbe RaYaTz Bris; the end of the week long celebration of his Bar Mitzvah, the story with Rabbi Moshe Feller and the Farbrengen of 19 Tamuz 5728. The RaZa's birthday.
15 Tamuz 5777/ 2017. - MP3
The day The Rebbe came home. The five Ma'amarim said that week and what they mean.
13 Tamuz 5777/ 2017 - MP3
Why did the Previous Rebbe leave Russia, he clearly wouldn't leave out of fear? 1) Chassidim made him. 2) It became clear to him that his presence hindered the work at that point. 3) He'd completed what it was that as a Rebbe needed to accomplish.
12 Tamuz 5777/ 2017 - MP3
A thought on 12 Tamuz and Mesiras Nefesh.
The Letter. (5773/ 2013). - MP3
 - PDF
Dated 15 Sivan 5688 (1928) in anticipation of the first celebration of 12 Tamuz, when he was release form prison and exile one year earlier
A Talk/Farbrengen (5771). - MP3
Given to Neshei Chabad in Melbourne Australia. The story of Mesiras Nefesh. It wasn't a joke then and its message is very serious right now.
Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos 770 (5777/ 2017). - MP3
1) Everybody sees that this is living 2) Simcha 3) Action 4) Moshiach.
Farbrengen for 3 Tamuz 5777/ 2017. - Talk One
 - Class One
 - Class Two
 - Class Three
Springfield Ma. Talk one. This "official talk addresses the action theme of the Rebbe's philosophy and some stories from the Rebbe's early life. Springfield Ma. Farbrengen Part One. Neshama bond between each Jew and the Rebbe. How special is this Neshama bond? Springfield Ma. Farbrengen Part Two. We become closer to G-d by embracing another. This talk is unfortunately unfinished (the recorder stopped). Springfield Ma. Farbrengen Part Three. A story of the Rebbe, Rabbi Hirshprung and of a Chossid in Romania.
Farbrengen 5776/ 2016 - Class One
 - Class Two
 - Class Three
Part One. Yom HaGadol VihaKadosh Part Two. אמונה שיש לו סיבה ואמונה שאין לו סיבה Part Three The point of ואתה תצוה is ויקחו אליך.
Thought 5775/2015. - MP3
The day of two Rebbe's. The first by Hashgacha the second by choice perhaps (?)
Farbrengen 5774/2014. - MP3
 - PDF
Rebbe Audio clip on the idea of after 20 years (from 5730). 1) After 20 years it never ends, it is raised higher than Sechel (reason) to the level of Mesiras Nefesh. 2) Viyikchu Ailecha in the beginning is like 'Al m'nas likabel pras', but at the end of the Ma'amar, the Viyikchu Ailecha is one with the Viatta Titzaveh, helping Moshe help us complete our task in this world.
Twenty Years (5770/2014). - MP3
Twenty Years and going strong.
ViYikchu Ailecha, Farbrengen for 3 Tamuz (5773/ 2013). - MP3
 - PDF
This Farbrengen revolve around the message of Perek 9-10 in ViAtta Titzave 5772.
A Talk on the Rebbe for 3 Tamuz 5771. - MP3
Given in Melbourne Australia.
Farbrengen (5769). - MP3
A Farbrengen. - MP3
Rosh Chodesh Tamuz (5777/ 2017). - MP3
The Previous Rebbe's decision to spend to more days in the Shpalerke Prison so he shouldn't travel Shabbos.
The fourth of July - MP3
A thought (5773/2013). 4th of July thought freedom and self reliance and servitude towards God, how can they be reconciled